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10 Best Places To Live In Colorado | USA


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10 Best Places To Live In Colorado.
Colorado is a US state to the west and has a diverse landscape which offers travelers a wide range of natural attractions to explore. The state is covered with the snow-clad Rocky Mountains and the vivid landscapes of high green plains, canyons, rivers and desert lands.It is known all across the country for housing one of the most active, happy, safe and adventurous cities and towns to live in.
There has been an increase in the population of the state of Colorado. In the year 2015, the population of this state stood at 5,456,574 which was an increase of 8.50 percent since the 2010 USA census. The increase in population is proof to the fact that more and more people are coming forward to accept Colorado as their living destination. If you ever plan to live in Colorado, then here is a list of some of the best places to live in Colorado. These areas have been measured on the criteria of quality of life, low crime rate, low tax rates, less commute time and the total amenities that are most needed to live a comfortable life:
1: Town Superior
2: City of Loveland
3: Cherry Hills Village
4: Lakewood
5: Estes Park
6: Evans
7: Boulder
8: Fort Lupton
9: Wellington
10: Louisville
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