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11 Safest Places to Live in the US


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11 Safest Places to Live in the US.

Safety first. It may be a cliché expression, but it’s tried and true advice that carries a lot of weight. Especially when deciding where to put down roots. When it comes to your home and family, there is no substitute for feeling safe. But where to begin? There are so many cities and towns in the U.S., it’s difficult to choose a place that is both safe and desirable. Don’t fret; there are plenty of viable options from the east coast, to the mid-west, and especially the west coast (California scored three separate times on our list!). Check out all the cities that made the ranking for the safest places to live in the U.S.
1. Sunnyvale, California
2. Plano, Texas
3. Honolulu, Hawaii
4. Naperville, Illinois
5. Thousand Oaks, California
6. Henderson, Nevada
7. Shoreview, Minnesota
8. McAllen, Texas
9. Arlington County, Virginia
10. Franklin, Massachusetts
11. Carlsbad, California
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