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A new concept of comfort


Searching and booking a hotel? Check-In, Check-Out, Billing? In the future, travelers will no longer have to deal with all of this personally: digitization is opening up new avenues and artificial intelligence and forecasting systems are revolutionizing the industry. The more the offer is practical, the more the guest becomes attached.

The good old days: we dictated the letters, we were sorting out the mail and we were making appointments for us. Not to mention the organization of transfers that nobody had to deal with personally: it was enough to call the assistant who immediately found for us the best solution available and took care of the organization of everything. It was all so practical once recently a well-known travel manager complained about the current conditions: "Why can not I just book as I did thirty years ago?"

But there's good news

Thanks to the digitization tomorrow's traveler will hardly have to deal with the operations of research, comparison, verification, booking, payment and invoicing. This is what the so-called "integrated systems" will take into account, able to take into account both the travel guidelines and personal preferences, both the time and the criteria relevant to safety at the place of destination, as well as the digitized services including the payment mobile on site. What changes will be only the contact person: in place of the assistant, to deal with the solution of every problem will be Siri, Alexa or Echo.

What does this have to do with the hotel industry?

Very simple: faced with enormous complexity, only those who facilitate the lives of the guests are able to guarantee their trust . Comfort is the new concept at the base of customer trust, both during booking and during Check-In, both during the stay and at the time of Check-Out.

It is therefore not surprising that operators like HRS also invest lots of energy in order to make life easier for its customers . An example of how this tendency towards comfort that is permeating each sector can be demonstrated by Martin Biermann, Vice President Product Development at HRS Group. "We are working to consolidate a system of personalized proposals able to propose those hotels that correspond to the interests and preferences of those who book corporate trips," explains the IT expert. In short, the research process will soon belong to the past.

Personalization, explains Biermann, is based on an incessant monitoring of the traveler's habits : how do you carry out your research? What are the details you are looking for? Do you also view tickets? Do you consider the location fundamental? "These are all aspects that we are able to observe and from which we draw our conclusions". Not only for those who are booking at that time: even new employees or those who travel rarely can benefit from the incredibly fitting proposals that the Recommendation Engine will be able to offer. "To draw up a preferential profile for a new guest we rely on similar demographic characteristics and the habits of other travelers from the same company. Starting from the data related to colleagues then we draw a corresponding proposal including hotels that eliminate as much as possible from the system the uncertainty rate. "

Fundamentally the system operates in a way similar to Amazon, which equally draws its conclusions based on the previous orders and habits. To do this, the system must first of all be trained.

HRS has also initiated the Smarthotel initiative

Through the integrated Conichi solution in the HRS app, the pilot travelers, as well as carrying out the Check-In and Online check-outs, they can also enter their individual preferences within the app. "Depending on preferences, generation, department, etc. the hotelier can automatically offer the traveler services such as breakfast or rental of a bicycle or the like, "explains Biermann.

Biermann is convinced that these smart data" are the key distinctive mark for travelers ". The motto: Reduce to the max!

Source: HRS CheckIn Magazine

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