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Accelerates the growth of HRS in Corporate Lodging


HRS Group continues to expand its position as a global market leader for business travel. With a clear focus on business travel and the outsourcing of corporate travel management processes, the HRS Group made more than two-thirds of its hotel bookings worldwide in 2017 with multinational corporate clients.

In the segment of classic portals, HRS is among the first three hotel portals in Europe. The online portals HRS.COM and HOTEL.INFO are also focused on business travelers. Employees of small and medium-sized businesses benefit, thanks to HRS, from exclusive hotel rates, time-saving processes and intelligent services. Mobile check-in / check-out solutions and payment solutions with or without paper make it easier for customers to travel before, during and after their stay at the hotel.

New offices in Europe, United States, India and South Korea

Thanks to this continuous expansion, the HRS group has moved to a new building in the heart of Cologne. The "Coeur Cologne", this is the name of the building, offers more than 14,000 square meters of space for almost 850 employees

At the base of its commercial development is the global expansion of the HRS group. With 34 offices and 1,500 employees worldwide, new offices are added to strategically important destinations.
Thanks to the new offices in New Delhi and Bangalore, for example, HRS has expanded its presence in 2017 in the promising Indian market. Also in Asia, in South Korea, a modern office was opened in Seoul. New offices also in Dallas and San Francisco, which will be inaugurated in the first half of 2018, thus improving the efficiency of HRS in the United States and will be able to collaborate closely with the New York City office opened in 2015. During 2018 , new offices also in Amsterdam and Stockholm

Corporate drives the growth of HRS

With a holistic approach to outsourcing, HRS simplifies all company processes of hotel programs of multinational companies, obtaining significant cost savings and increasing passenger satisfaction. In addition to providing professional hotel services and negotiating company rates with hotels, HRS optimizes check-in and check-out and automated invoice processing.

"Our goal is to streamline routine tasks time-consuming, such as annual fee negotiations, "says HRS CEO Tobias Ragge. "Both parties maintain full control and transparency through comprehensive market data and benchmarks."

Through the use of intelligent technologies, the company continues to guarantee the best rates to its customers. Today more than 30 of the 100 largest brands in the world work with HRS. The multinational companies that rely on HRS are over 3,000 including: Siemens, Alibaba, China Mobile and Volkswagen.

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