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ACTE and the Corporate Lodging Forum of HRS join forces to strengthen hotel training for corporate travel professionals


ACTE Global (Association of Corporate Travel Executives), a point of reference for business travelers all over the world, and HRS Corporate Lodging Forum (CLF) work in partnership to develop the contents of the five ACTE Global Summits to be held in 2018.

Starting with the ACTE Global Summit to be held in New York City on 29 April CLF will coordinate and participate in the selection of sessions of training focused on the hotel industry.

The partnership responds to the growing demand of the ACTE associative base for an expansion of the training offer related to the constantly evolving sector of corporate hospitality. The partnership offers conference participants strategic directions to optimize the service management methodology related to overnight stays for business travelers. The ACTE Global Summit sessions will cover a wide range of topics, such as how to integrate alternative nights into a travel program, the future of hotel sourcing processes and new possibilities for incremental savings, as well as revolutionary application technologies such as virtual payments. These sessions will support the "Sleep Spoke" of the ACTE educational model, supporting its members in the drafting of a global stay program.

Following the April New York event, other ACTE Global Summits will be held. training focused on the Sleep Spoke, namely: Singapore Global Summit 17-18 July, Paris Global Summit 14-16 October, Montreal Global Summit 18-20 November, Sydney Global Summit in December

The first HRS Corporate Lodging Forums of 2018 will be held at Berlin (March 6) and in Milan (March 20) . Other dates include: Madrid April 24th, Shanghai May 9th, Tokyo May 16th, Warsaw May 24th, London June 7th, San Paolo August 16th

"ACTE Global helps its members, which offer indispensable value to their companies, to become real CEO of travel programs, "said Jill Jefferis, Director of Global Engagement for ACTE. "Since accommodation is a key element of the experience of business travelers, we are pleased to take advantage of the expertise of HRS and the strength of CLF's offerings to help Summit participants deepen their knowledge on issues Emerging companies that influence business travel programs and bring the contents of ACTE studies into CLF programs. "

" ACTE and HRS share the same training objectives as travel buyers in the complex hospitality market, helping them to bring competitive advantages to their companies and positioning travel executives as strategic partners of the C-suite, "explained Carole Poillerat, Executive Director, Industry Relations & Corporate Lodging Forum for HRS. "Our companies are naturally aligned with the goal of opening the path of the future to corporate travel executives and we look forward to launching this initiative."

For more information on these events and other training opportunities, see the calendars of the events of ACTE Global and CLF .

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About ACTE Global

ACTE Global has been a renowned innovator in corporate travel management for the past 30 years. ACTE, as a global association of senior management members in over 100 countries, paves the way for educational and technological advances that make business travel productive, convenient and simple. ACTE's support and initiatives continue to support high-impact changes in defense and security, privacy, due diligence and compliance, as well as the productivity of the traveler who supports global trade. Further information at www.acte.org .

Information on Corporate Lodging Forum

Corporate travel not only involves the procurement department but also the stakeholder Finance, IT, Human Resources, Security and Communication, as well as the business traveler. The travel buyer is at the center of everything and plays the role of the conductor. The objective is to manage the demand of the entire stakeholder network and implement an optimal procurement strategy. To support them in this strategic mission, HRS has developed a global CLF series to bring together all the stakeholders of the corporate ecosystem and allow them to focus on business stays. The CLF series, which began in 2013, is held in 13 cities: Berlin, Milan, Madrid, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Warsaw, London, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Paris, Sydney and Montreal. Further information can be found at www.corporate-travel-forum.com .

About HRS – Global Hotel Solutions

HRS traveling on business is easier with HRS . Business travel managers and business travelers from all over the world rely on HRS to find the best accommodation and simplify all corporate travel procedures. In addition to professional sourcing and the negotiation of company rates with hotels, HRS optimizes electronic payments for hotel and conference accommodation, as well as automated processing of invoices. More than 3,000 multinational companies rely on HRS Global Hotel Solutions. Customers include world-class companies that are among the Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Siemens, Alibaba, China Mobile and Volkswagen. HRS pursues clear objectives: savings for companies and maximum satisfaction for travelers. Founded in Cologne in 1972, HRS currently has more than 1,500 employees in 34 offices around the world, including London, New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. More information at corporate.hrs.com.

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