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Breakfast at the hotel included or excluded? Included, but how much does it cost?


HRS breakfast analysis: breakfast in hotels in Rome is more expensive than the average of the main European cities. In Milan, lower costs. Singapore the most expensive in the world, Toronto the cheapest.

 Breakfast served with coffee, orange juice, croissants, cereals and fruits. Balanced diet.

Hotel guests pay more and more attention to the offer of breakfast that becomes one of the distinctive elements for hotels, often decisive for the positive or negative review and for the choice to come back to us.

A recent HRS study analyzed and analyzed the breakfast offer and costs, comparing and assessing hotel bookings with or without breakfast internationally

Analyzing the percentage of bookings, 57.3% of European travelers choose to include the breakfast at the hotel while 42.7% book only overnight accommodation

Regarding the analysis of the difference in the cost of breakfast, the European average is 10.88 euros per breakfast while breakfast at the hotel in Milan has a slightly lower cost with an average of 8.99 euros. More expensive in Rome where an average of 11.91 euros is spent

Among the most expensive cities on the old continent we find: Amsterdam 17.41 euros, followed by Zurich 15.5 euros and Copenhagen 14.01 euros. The cheapest are Oslo with 2.30 euros and Stockholm with 4.80 euros

But if Europe seems expensive, you've probably never booked a stay with breakfast in Singapore which, with its 18.31 euros, is by far the most expensive in the world. Definitely a bargain instead to have breakfast at the hotel in Toronto (1.79 euros), Cape Town (1.87 euros) and Mumbai (1.98 euros) which are far from the world average of 9.85 euros.

If we consider the analysis for 5-star hotels, the difference between the prices that travelers pay for breakfast is even greater: in Europe the cost is on average € 22.60 and in the world € 17.50.

On the contrary, when it comes to four-star hotels, the price difference is considerably lower: guests in Europeans will have breakfast on average at € 13.70 while in the rest of the world the average is slightly lower with 13 , 00 euro.

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