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Busan is the second largest city in South Korea, only smaller than Seoul, which is about 217 miles to the north. The seaside port city has natural charm, and Busan tourism is quite welcoming to visitors of all ages. Enjoy a blend of modern conveniences and Korean culture on your vacation to this coastal community.

Begin your trip to Busan with a visit to the famed Haeundae Beach, which is among the most popular stretches of sand in South Korea. Visit in early June, and you can witness the annual Sand Festival where people create elaborate sand sculptures.

After a morning in the sun, make your way to Taejongdae Park, a designated Busan monument and home to a rock beach. Take a walk along one of the many paths, marvel at the more than 200 types of evergreen trees, and visit the lighthouse.

Busan tours would not feel complete without a stop at the Jagalchi Market, which serves fresh fish. Because it’s right next to the port, you are almost guaranteed the day’s freshest catch. The marketplace vendors also offer up dried fish and produce for sale.

Once you’ve successfully experienced some of the best outdoor Busan sightseeing, put on your shopping shoes and head to Shinsegae Centum City. This place is the world’s largest department store, as verified by Guinness World Records™, featuring tons of brand names and an indoor ice rink.

What is the first thing you want do to on your trip to Busan?

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