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Climbing Volcan Lascar, Northern Chile in HD


The Lascar Volcano is located in Northern Chile, very close to, and between Salar de Atacama and the borders with Bolivia and Argentina. Lascar is active volcano, with eruptions in 1993 and between 2006-2011.
The best part of the climb are the stunning views in all directions, and the crater itself, with its signs of activity.
The altitude of the summit is 5,592 m/18.346 ft. It is relatively easy to climb Lascar (or better said – to walk to the summit), because the trail head is at 4,900m and the total elevation gain is only 700m. Still some prior adaptation to high altitude is needed. The climb can be done in about 3.5 hours, and the descent – in 1.5 hours. Lascar has several craters, and the summit is above the main crater rim (30 minurtes walk).
There are many volcanoes in the surrounding areas. In the Laguna Lejía shot (1:01) the following volcanoes can be seen (in order they appear): Acamarachi/Pili 6,046 m/19,836 ft (1:01), Aguas Calientes 5,924 m/19,436 ft (1:09), Lascar 5,592 m/18,346 ft (1:18).

Recorded November 2013 in HD with Panasonic TM900.
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