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Cocktail Recipes Around the World | Expedia Viewfinder Travel Blog - pajaritoVIRAL
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Cocktail Recipes Around the World | Expedia Viewfinder Travel Blog


Captain and Clark from the Expedia Viewfinder travel blog share their favorite cocktail recipes from around the world.

Brazilian Fire – This drink is made with cachaça, the most popular distilled alcohol beverage in Brazil. Soak a habanero pepper in a bottle of cachaça for two weeks. Then pour 2 oz of the cachaça into 1 oz of lemon juice, 1 oz of lime juice and 1 oz of Grand Marnier. Serve over ice and enjoy!

Costa Brava Sangria – Take a traditional sangria recipe and substitute the red wine for Cava, the Spanish sparkling wine.

Odin’s Revenge – Mix 2 oz of Brennivin into a glass of porter, add a dash of bitters and drizzle with maple syrup.

Sri Lankan River Boat – The base of this drink is Ceylon, liquor made from the distilled sap of coconut blossom. Stir 2 oz of Ceylon into a ginger beer, add a little bit of gin and a squeeze of lime.

Pele’s Passion – Combine 3 oz of Koloa Spiced Rum with 2 oz of guava juice, 1 tablespoon of passion fruit butter and half of a mango. Blend it all together and serve over ice for a liquid paradise.

Soju Cocktail – Pour soju, a Korean liquor, into a pitcher of ice and blend with kiwi and strawberry.

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