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Fort Cornwallis – City Video Guide


When you’re ready for some military history with a touch of local lore, head for Fort Cornwallis.

Located on the edge of Penang, Malaysia, Fort Cornwallis grew from a stockade of palm trunks and wood into the commanding, star-shaped brick structure you see today. A Fort Cornwallis tour reveals its origins: the fort was constructed in the late 1700s to defend the city against the French and pirates. In fact, as you embark on your Fort Cornwallis sightseeing, you’ll see a number of cannons lining its walls—many of these were taken from pirates of the era.

The threat the fort posed must have worked, because Fort Cornwallis never saw any action—it existed as an administrative center and a minor miracle worker. The epicenter of these miracles is the Seri Rambai Cannon; according to local legend, if a childless woman places flowers in its barrel and says a prayer, she will become fertile.

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