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In 2017, the number of trips made by Italian companies has returned to its highest in 2007 - pajaritoVIRAL
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In 2017, the number of trips made by Italian companies has returned to its highest in 2007


Business trips are good, we return to pre-crisis values. The lion's share of the Italian market is positive, the international trend is positive

In 2017 the number of trips made by Italian companies has returned to its highest in 2007. The growth (+ 3.5%) is driven by the excellent performance of the national market (+3.9%) which nevertheless remains 6 percentage points below the pre-crisis maximum. Given the positive expectations on the forthcoming evolution of the Italian economy, however, we can hypothesize a 2018 still strongly growing for the national market . The lower expansion of the international segment (+ 2.6%) does not change the positive trend that has seen it grow by + 15% in the last decade. Geographically, the trips to Brazil, Canada, China, Japan and Germany are growing. On a sector level, progress is driven by the excellent performance of the tertiary sector

There is also a increase of 2.7% of overnight stays compared to 2016 equal to about 1.35 million nights . However, the dynamic is not homogeneous on all segments: while the domestic market grows by about 1 million nights, the international one grows by 300 overnight stays, largely concentrated on the intercontinental segment.

These results presented in New Observatory on Business Travel 2018 written by Professor Andrea Guizzardi with the scientific and technical support of the Center for Advanced Studies on Tourism of the University of Bologna is published by the Newsteca publishing house and promoted by Air Plus International, Lufthansa Group and Zucchetti and HRS.

The business travel market of Italian companies has grown by one million trips, reaching 30.8 million in 2017. All markets are growing, a figure that confirms the expectations of Italian companies measured by this Observatory the past year. The overall + 3.5% is the best result since our economy came out of the crisis. The growth is driven by the national market (+ 3.9%) which takes advantage of both the recovery in the confidence of Italian families and their disposable income, and – on the supply side – by the favorable assessments of companies on the conditions for investing. and the lower credit rationing. On the international market (+ 2.6%) the performance of the intercontinental segment stands out (+ 3.4%), sustained by journeys to emerging countries .

From a multi-year perspective, 2017 confirms the positive trend in all market segments. The levels reached coincide with the maximum levels of 2007 even if – compared to the pre-crisis figure – the composition of the market itself has changed : if the international one has increased by + 15%, the national segment is still at – 6% from the maximum of 10 years ago. The gap quantifies the effect of the long negative conjuncture on the "geo-economic barycentre" of Italian companies. The globalization of markets and the integration between companies in different areas of the planet has in fact modified the destinations of business travel which have transferred abroad functions typically of a factory such as production and technical supervision but also distribution, logistics or sales, including service centers and call centers

Particularly interesting, in this second edition of the Nova, the open window on new technologies, which arouse great interest in travel managers. Their diffusion, however, is limited by the lack of support in the company where the same managers are scarcely involved in possible implementations.

New technologies are appreciated above all for the benefits that lead to the daily management of transfers , especially in the pre and post trip phases. The productivity of the travel office is conditioned directly by the company's support for their use in routine activities and a travel policy which encourages their use, thus highlighting a link between the reduction of indirect costs and direct costs .

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