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Myvatn, Iceland in 4K (Ultra HD)


Mývatn is a lake in Northern Iceland, the name is used also for the stunning and diverse surrounding area of volcanic origin.

Locations in the video: Hverir/Hverarond (0:06), Viti Crater (1:07), Krafla Lava Fields (1:35), Geothermal pool (2:13), Myvatn Nature Baths (2:37), Hverfjall Crater (2:54), Dimmuborgir – volcanic caves and rock formations (3:12), Höfði (3:37), Skútustaðir – area of pseudocraters formed by steam erruptions (4:01).

Recorded June 2016 in 4K (Ultra HD) with Sony AX100.

Ryo Utasato – Forgotten Kingdom – 07 – Pearl
Licensed via iLicenseMusic.com

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