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The Crown Commercial Service appoints HRS as a provider for online hotel reservations for government travelers


HRS – Global Hotel Solutions secures the role of preferred supplier of the United Kingdom's Crown Commercial Service (CCS) thus guaranteeing to the British Crown public sector business travelers the possibility of access their special rates on tens of thousands of hotels. As part of the CCS Public Sector Travel and Marketing Solutions Commercial Agreement, the HRS booking portal – used in hotel programs of more than 3,000 companies – will be the exclusive provider of hotel accommodation in the British public sector.

As established in the agreement, in fact "CCS has developed a procurement strategy that brings all costs together under one trade agreement, thus maximizing the potential of economies of scale for all public sector spending on travel. The size of British travel spending on travel means that this supply is the largest in terms of volume and value in the British travel market. "

The holistic approach of HRS and its end-to-end services are gaining popularity in the programs of large multinational companies that more and more often ask to work with operators specialized in hotels and with cutting-edge technological capabilities. The company's commitment to developing transparency in the hotel market will be deepened at Corporate Lodging Forum in London next month. The event, scheduled for June 7, will bring together many key figures in corporate and government travel. You will share ideas on the latest trends and best practices in managed travel.

According to the Solution 2 of the CCS Commercial Agreement, HRS will offer a wide range of hotel accommodation solutions, from booking, purchase, payment, completely online, allowing new ways of saving .

Services include:

  • Online services of booking
  • Negotiated rates specifications for CCS on hotel all inside the United Kingdom and in some selected countries outside it
  • Discounted fares unique HRS for a wide range of hotels within the United Kingdom and the world
  • Centralized payment system and safe, able to reduce the risk of fraud and ensure that the correct rates are effectively charged and paid to hotels for each trip.
  • 24 × 7 Assistance for all travelers who book their accommodation in the hotel through the HRS portal, including online and offline telephone services

HRS, which since 2006 serves a growing number of English companies, offers support to travelers who increasingly choose to book their hotel through online and mobile channels.

" In the last ten years we have made possible millions of pounds of savings to British companies and business travelers ; It is an honor to have been chosen and it is an honor to make our experience available so that the government can save on public spending, "said Douglas Green, HRS Managing Director for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

" Like the our many years of experience in the corporate world teaches us, we are sure that even the government traveler, after having tested speed and simplicity, will use the online and mobile tools. We are positive in believing that the innovations introduced by us in the hotel program management – underlined by greater transparency, precise rates and secure payments – will improve the traveler's experience and the performance of the CCS travel program.

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