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Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World In 2016


Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World In 2016

Every country has its capital but here we are going to discuss Top Ten Most Beautiful Capitals in the World, now a question rises what is capital? The answer is that it represents as seat of the government as well as administrative center, where authorities never compromise on its look because it enhances nation’s respect.
It also known as the most important city or might be a town of any nation or region. It can also be explained like this, capital is a usually piece of land in nation that consists of meeting places, senior political leaders’ offices, and residences of locals are also part of the location.
Capital is specially designed for official meetings to foreigners’ as senior officials regarding political issues as well country’s personal official affairs.
10. Madrid
9. Moscow
8. Athens
7. Ottawa
6. Washington
5. Berlin
4. Tokyo
3. Paris
2. Islamabad
1. London

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