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Top 10 Most Richest Countries Of Asia In 2016


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Top 10 Most Richest Countries Of Asia In 2016

Asia is biggest in the world with respect to area, population and number of countries so it has also large no of wealthy countries in which some are also in the wealthy countries of the world. China is most successful country but couple of years ago grossing income of this country slow down a bit which expel it from top 10 wealthiest countries of the Asia.
To know about which country is on what rank then a person should know about some of features of this country, but mainly is GDP of that country and report is almost of 200 economist of the world, so the country which has highest Gross domestic product and lower population is considered as most richest country, so population is also matters a lot in this calculation so according to survey GDP of some countries decline a bit for last couple of years that expel them from the list of wealthiest countries of Asia.
So here is the list to 10 most richest countries of Asia in 2016.
10: Bahrain
9: Israel
8: Japan
7: Kuwait
6: Taiwan
5: Brunei
4: Hong Kong
3: Macau
2: Singapore
1: Qatar
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