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Top 10 Most Safest Cities of the World


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Top 10 Most Safest Cities of the World.
In contrast to the top ten most dangerous cities in the world, there are still safe cities in the world, according to the Economist’s Intelligence Unit survey. The safe also has something to do with the quality of your living but merely focusing on the total safety of the people and the city. In the 2015’s Economist’s Safe Index, the criteria do not plainly calculate the crime rates, but it vastly ranged to the view of safety. With these factors that were considered, the study on Top 10 Most Safest Cities of the World was pretty much based on these.
Digital Security: It is the measurement of the city’s quality of cyber security, the identity theft frequency, and other determinants affecting the digital security.
Health Security: It contains the metric look at the average life expectancy of a resident of the city. It also measures the ratio of hospital beds and facilities to the number of the population.
Infrastructure: It includes the quality of roads and the size of people who die from natural calamities.
Personal Safety: This focuses more on the traditional safety standards such as crimes, the level of police engagement, and the violent crime rates.
10: New York City, New York
9: Melbourne, Australia
8: Toronto, Canada
7: Zurich, Switzerland
6: Sydney, Australia
5: Amsterdam, Netherlands
4: Stockholm, Sweden
3: Osaka, Japan
2: Singapore, Singapore
1: Tokyo, Japan
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