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Top 10 Richest African Countries 2016


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Top 10 Richest African Countries 2016.

Everybody has desire to travel some beautiful places or countries of the world, so in this vast Universe Africa is known as one of the beautiful continents, therefore this has also some richest countries as that of other European or Asian countries, these are called so far as richest because soil of some of these countries is rich in oil producing.
So this continents is second largest in the world with respect to area after Asia which is biggest in the Universe, therefore about 54 countries are located in this region but as talk about population, this is also most populated too. But there are many poor countries too in this continent in spite of large natural resources, so there is so much weak policy to utilize these resources so lot of work is required to maintain level of education and economics like that of countries in this list.
10: Algeria
9: Namibia
8: Tunisia
7: Libya
6: South Africa
5: Mauritius
4: Botswana
3: Gabon
2: Equatorial Guinea
1: Seychelles
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